Why are my teeth crooked?

How to fix wonky teeth

Wonky teeth can lead to a number of oral health issues. You may be wondering why your teeth are crooked and what you can do about them. Here at SMIL, we’re proud to provide a wide range of teeth straightening treatments to help align your teeth and improve your quality of life. 

Keep reading to find out what causes wonky teeth and how to fix them.

What causes wonky teeth?

There are a number of factors that can cause your teeth to grow wonky, such as:


Inheriting a smaller mouth or jaw can cause your teeth to grow wonky.


Bad habits like thumb-sucking as a child can cause wonky teeth into adulthood. Other habits that can cause wonky teeth into adulthood include pressing your tongue against your teeth, mouth breathing and excessive use of a dummy.

Jaw Size

Smaller jaw sizes can cause your teeth to grow slightly crooked as there may not be enough space for them to grow into proper alignment.

Quantity of teeth

Most adults have 32 teeth, but some of us can develop more than this average. This can result in overcrowding as it causes too many teeth to grow in the jaw.

Developing less than 32 teeth can also create gaps in the jaw. This means that the other teeth are pushed out of alignment and can roam away from the desired position.

Early loss of baby teeth

Baby teeth usually fall out just before your adult teeth are ready to grow in. If your baby teeth fall out too soon, your adult teeth may drift into the gum, causing them to grow slanted rather than straight. 

Why should you fix crooked teeth?

Misalignment can begin to impact your confidence and your quality of life. Severely crooked teeth can cause the following problems:

Difficulty chewing

Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to chew, which may later lead to digestive problems.

Gum disease

It can be tricky to clean between your crooked teeth, which can leave bacteria to grow. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease and ultimately progress to periodontitis. 

Difficulty speaking

Crooked teeth can impact the way you speak.

Tooth wear

Crooked teeth could cause uneven tooth wear which can put pressure on the teeth, gums and jaw. This may result in headaches, cracked teeth and jaw strain.

Poor self-esteem

Unhappiness with your appearance can lower your confidence and cause you to avoid opportunities, spending time with loved ones and smiling for photographs.

How to fix wonky teeth

The most popular way to fix wonky or crooked teeth is through orthodontic treatment. Here at SMIL, our teeth straightening treatments help to improve your teeth’s appearance and function. 

Our clinicians proudly offer the following teeth-straightening systems:


Invisalign clear aligners are a state-of-the-art approach to orthodontics, gradually straightening your teeth over a period of time. Each set of aligners is custom-made for your individual smile. With modern 3D technology, you can see how they will effectively realign your crooked teeth before your treatment plan begins. Invisalign is a discreet way to straighten your teeth and improve your confidence.


The Damon brace is designed to give you a smile that will last a lifetime. Similar to traditional braces, Damon braces have the added advantage of clear brackets and innovative wire arch technology. The sliding mechanism of the braces responds to your tooth movement, gently easing your crooked teeth into alignment. 


Insignia is a fully custom-made, advanced bracket system, designed specifically for each patient. Before treatment begins, you’ll be able to see your end results. We will provide you with an exact 3D image of how your teeth will be positioned, calculating the most optical orthodontic treatment plan for your needs. Few appointments are required for this treatment plan but our clinicians will be here to support you throughout your journey.

To learn more about our teeth straightening treatments, please click here.

Straighten your teeth with SMIL

If crooked teeth have begun to impact your health or confidence, let us help.

When you visit our professional practice, our experienced clinicians will take the time to discuss the right teeth straightening treatment for you. We are proud to tailor our treatment plans to each individual patient, so why not book a consultation and find out how we can make a difference to your smile?

Call our friendly team on 01634 756 536 now to learn more about what causes wonky teeth. 

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