What is involved in root canal treatment?

What to expect after your root canal treatment If you are in a lot of pain with a tender and swollen tooth, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment…

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Dental Care For Young Children Here at Smil, we do everything we can to create a calm and positive environment for children every time they visit our dental practice. We…

What Is Dermal Filler? How Does It Work?

Facial aesthetic treatments are becoming an increasingly popular choice for clients looking to enhance their facial features, whilst also regaining youth and vitality. Dermal fillers offer the ideal solution to…

How are tooth veneers applied?

Everything you need to know about the veneer process Here at Smil, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your smile. Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly more popular among…

When to get an emergency dentist appointment

What is considered a dental emergency? Here at Smïl, we know that a dental emergency can happen unexpectedly, out of the blue. As an emergency dentist in Chatham, Kent, we…

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our much-awaited new website. We hope you enjoy using it and find the information easy to follow and useful. Thanks! Smïl

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