What is airflow teeth cleaning

What is Airflow teeth cleaning?

Achieve a sparkling white smile with Airflow tooth polishing

Are signs of stains dimming your smile?

Despite sticking to a diligent brushing routine, discolouration can sometimes be unavoidable. If stains are impacting both your confidence and your oral health, there are treatments available to help restore that shine.

Airflow teeth cleaning is a straightforward, innovative procedure, designed to tackle discolouration and unveil a brighter, more radiant smile.

If you’re wondering, ‘What is airflow teeth cleaning?’ Keep reading to discover how this treatment can help you achieve a whiter smile.

What is Airflow teeth cleaning?

Airflow tooth polishing is a cutting-edge treatment that removes stubborn stains and plaque buildup from teeth. Unlike the conventional cleaning techniques that rely on manual scaling and polishing, Airflow utilises a powerful combination of air, water and a specially formulated powder to blast away surface stains and bacteria.

How does Airflow work?

Airflow tooth polishing is entirely non-invasive, using the power of compressed air and a very fine powder solution to gently yet effectively clean your teeth. This treatment carefully lifts away stubborn stains and plaque, revealing a brighter smile underneath.

airflow teeth cleaning

The benefits of Airflow teeth cleaning

Faster cleaning – Airflow offers a quicker alternative to traditional methods of cleaning. Proven to be three times faster, Airflow polishing allows for a comprehensive cleaning in a fraction of the time.

Highly effective cleaning – Using a high-pressured blast of water, Airflow technology effectively removes surface stains and plaque, leaving teeth looking and feeling cleaner than ever before.

Improved comfort – Traditional cleaning techniques can be uncomfortable for some patients, as they usually involve digging into the gums. Airflow cleaning requires no instrument contact and is incredibly gentle on the gums, making it ideal for patients with sensitive teeth.

Fresh breath – Airflow helps to remove plaque and tartar, which are some of the biggest contributors to bad breath. Keeping your mouth clean and free of bacteria can help you maintain fresh breath.

Quick treatment – With Airflow tooth polishing, you can achieve a brighter smile in as little as 30 minutes – perfect if you have somewhere to be.

Am I suitable for Airflow tooth polishing?

Whether you’re looking to remove stubborn stains, freshen up your pearly whites or maintain good oral hygiene – anyone looking to improve their smile can benefit from Airflow teeth cleaning. Many patients opt for Airflow as an alternative to a traditional scale and polish due to its gentle nature. It is also suitable for those with braces or dental restoration work like crowns, and is ideal to use before any orthodontic treatment.

Airflow tooth polishing aftercare – what do I need to know?

Following Airflow tooth polishing, you can resume your normal eating and drinking habits with confidence. However, we recommend maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding foods and drinks that may stain teeth, such as red wine, coffee, and smoking. By practising good oral hygiene and attending regular dental check-ups, you can prolong the results of your airflow cleaning and keep your smile looking its best.

airflow tooth polishing

The importance of routine hygiene appointments

Regular dental hygiene appointments are essential for staying on top of your oral health. Beyond addressing stubborn stains and plaque buildup, routine appointments can help to prevent more serious dental issues, like gum disease and tooth decay.

Even with regular brushing and flossing at home, some areas are difficult to clean thoroughly. Airflow teeth cleaning ensures that those areas are addressed. By staying proactive with your dental care, you can maintain a healthy smile and avoid costly and invasive treatments further down the line.

Regain your confidence with Airflow tooth polishing

So, now that you’ve heard all of the benefits of Airflow tooth polishing, why wait any longer? Book your appointment today.

At Smil, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest developments in dentistry to provide our patients with the highest quality care possible. From routine cleanings to state-of-the-art treatments like Airflow, our experienced team looks forward to guiding you towards a healthier, more confident smile.

To find out more about what Airflow teeth cleaning is, or to book an appointment at our practice in Chatham, please call us today on 01634 756536.

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