Here at Smil, we’re proud to offer our clients Airflow® tooth polishing, for a subtle, sophisticated improvement and a brighter beam!

What is Airflow® tooth polishing?

Are you looking to get rid of unwanted discolouration and stains that can’t be removed simply through brushing? At Smil, we know how hard it can be to completely give up the things we know can stain our teeth. From coffee to alcohol, it’s often impractical to assume that we would have the willpower to stop consuming certain foods and drinks as soon as we spot signs of discolouration.

Our dentists, therapists, and hygienists are pleased to be able to perform Airflow® tooth polishing to instantly remove stubborn, long-lasting stains and plaque from teeth.

How does Airflow® teeth cleaning work?

Airflow® tooth polishing removes stains, plaque, and some softer calculus through a powerful jet of water. This offers a fast, non-invasive way to give your teeth an intensive clean. When you choose our Airflow® teeth cleaning treatment, one of our experienced dentists can deep clean pockets and hard to reach areas, removing plaque build-up and leaving you with a squeaky-clean smile.

What are the advantages of Airflow® teeth polishing?

With Airflow® teeth cleaning, staining can be removed without damaging the tissues in the mouth, or using chemicals. In addition, it can be used to treat patients with implants, as well as those with sensitive teeth that cannot tolerate conventional whitening treatments.

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