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Why might I need a dental root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is needed when the pulp inside a tooth becomes damaged by a bacterial infection, resulting in pain and tooth sensitivity. The pulp inside a tooth can become inflamed when it has undergone several treatments or has been damaged or severely decayed. If left untreated, inflammation and pressure build-up can cause severe discomfort, especially when biting, resulting in an infection.

What is the purpose of a dental root canal treatment?

By performing a root canal treatment, the goal is to relieve you of discomfort and preserve your tooth as opposed to removing it.

Root canal treatment is generally performed over 2-3 appointments. Your dentist will remove decayed tooth tissue at your first session, cleanse the root canals to clear bacterial infections, and place a temporary filling. Afterwards, we will leave this to settle for a suitable period of time. During your second visit, your dentist will fill the root canals with rubber-like points that seal the area and prevent further infection.

What should I expect during a root canal treatment?

Despite common misconceptions, while the appointments are long, the procedure is not uncomfortable. We will administer a local anaesthetic and place a rubber dam around the tooth. While it may seem strange at first, the rubber dam prevents any water from going into the mouth, and most patients find this comforting.

Is any follow-up treatment needed?

If the healing process has been successful, it may be advisable to place a crown on the affected tooth. Loss of pulp tissue and access to the roots can weaken the tooth, so a crown is often recommended as a preventative measure.

As part of your initial consultation, your dentist will review all treatment options and prevent any unexpected costs.

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