We offer our patients long-lasting, robust solutions for tooth replacement and strength with natural-looking dental crowns.

Why would I need a dental crown?

Dental crown treatment helps to restore natural teeth that have been weakened by decay or long-term restorations. They are either bonded to the natural tooth or fitted atop a dental implant. They can also sometimes be used in conjunction with another dental treatment, such as a root canal treatment. Every dental crown we place at Smil is treated with precision and care.

What are the different types of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns come in a variety of different types to cater to different needs. As part of your bespoke treatment plan, our knowledgeable team will discuss all of the available options with you.

Various materials are used to make dental crowns. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are commonly used in cosmetic dentistry, whilst gold and zirconia crowns may be used when strength is a priority.

What can I expect when having a dental crown?

We always centre our dental care on your well-being, as with all our dental services. To avoid discomfort, we will perform your tooth crown treatment under a local anaesthetic, which will numb the area.

In order to fit a custom-made crown over the damaged tooth, your dentist will prepare the outer surface to the ideal shape. Your dentist will take a digital scan of your mouth to send to our highly qualified dental technicians, who will construct your dental crown.

Our dental laboratory uses quality materials, and the process usually takes two weeks. Until your permanent crown is ready, you will have a temporary dental crown fitted for comfort and ensure you can smile with confidence in the meantime.

To learn more about dental crown treatment or to book a consultation with our team of specialist dentists in Chatham, please contact us today on 01634 756536. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when having a dental crown procedure?

Dental crown treatment usually takes place over two appointments. During your first consultation, your dentist will examine the tooth and prepare the crown. They will also take x-rays of the tooth and the surrounding bone. Once the tooth has been filed down, your dentist will make an impression of the tooth, along with the teeth above. The impression will then be sent to the lab to create the crown and you will be given a temporary crown.
During your second appointment, your dentist will remove your temporary crown and place your permanent crown, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible at every stage.

Is a dental crown considered surgery?

Yes, dental crown treatment is considered surgery.

How much does a dental crown cost?

The cost of dental crown treatment varies depending on the type of crown being fitted. To find out more about how much we charge for dental crowns here at Smil, please get in touch.

Can I get a gold crown?

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are the most common materials used. However, gold and zirconia crowns can be used in circumstances when strength is a priority.

What is the benefit of zirconia crowns?

The benefits of opting for zirconia crowns include:

  • Increased strength & durability 
  • Stain-resistant 
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Metal-free

Why is porcelain most commonly used for dental crowns?

Thanks to their long-lasting, durable nature, porcelain dental crowns are one of the most popular options available. They also provide a natural-looking appearance and don’t affect nearby teeth.

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