In keeping with our ethos, we believe a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. For healthy smiles that dazzle, our dental professionals provide high-quality hygiene treatments.

Why visit the hygienist?

It is possible to visit without a referral, or you may have been prescribed treatment as part of a preventative treatment plan.

With the help of our dedicated team of hygienists, our patients can prevent gum disease and get treatment when they need it most. You will receive the skills and training you need to maintain healthy gums and teeth over a lifetime.

What should I expect at my hygienist visit?

Every time you come to our Dental Practice, you will be welcomed by a friendly member of our front-of-house team. Our waiting room is designed to make you feel relaxed while waiting for your appointment.

During your initial consultation, a dental hygienist will make sure you are comfortable before beginning treatment. The treatment involves thorough tooth cleaning, removing plaque and tartar, as well as stubborn stains.

The primary focus of our practice is to prevent, treat, and stabilise gum disease. You will receive oral hygiene instructions during your stay to help you maintain good oral hygiene at home.

How to brush

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