At Smil, we’re proud to offer our customers the latest innovations in teeth whitening services. Our highly sophisticated Dental Practice in Chatham Dockside offers a superior professional teeth whitening service, leaving you with a spectacular smile in a matter of hours.

What is a dental whitening treatment?

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which involves bleaching your teeth to break down the stained molecules. As those molecules shrink in size, we can separate them from the tooth, brightening your teeth and significantly improving your smile. You may consider utilising teeth whitening services for a multitude of reasons, including to remove stains caused by smoking and consuming caffeine.

Types of teeth whitening

There are multiple types of techniques used to whiten teeth both professionally and at home, including strips and laser treatments. At Smil, we provide professional teeth whitening services in the form of both at-home teeth whitening kits and in-person consultations.

What teeth whitening services do we offer?

At Smil, we offer the latest dental whitening treatments, all chosen based on their quality and ease of use for patients. Currently, our favourite dental whitening treatment option is Boutique Whitening™.

Boutique Whitening™

For home-based tooth whitening, we opt for Boutique Whitening™. At Smil, we particularly favour this dental whitening treatment for home-based whitening as it provides the strength of professional whitening products in the comfort of your own home. This means you have complete control over your finished smile, taking the fear out of home-whitening by placing the power in your hands.

How does dental whitening treatment work?

Teeth whitening gels containing hydrogen or carbamide peroxide penetrate the teeth, causing oxidation. This breaks down the stain compounds, lifting them out of the enamel. In order to remove stains safely, during your dental whitening treatment, dentists will use a bleaching agent that can reach the stains and eradicate them through a chemical reaction.

Which teeth whitening treatment is best for me?

Considering our professional teeth whitening service? At your next consultation, your dentist will happily take the time to go through all the options available to you. Whether you opt for at-home or in-person treatment, we’ll help you decide which option is most suited to you and your desired outcome.

Foods to avoid after teeth whitening

Once you’ve achieved your dream smile through one of our dental whitening treatments, the first thing you’re likely to ask is – what foods should I avoid?

For 48 hours after undergoing professional teeth whitening, we recommend that you avoid consuming any acidic, pigmented food and drink. This includes foods like lemons, tomatoes, oranges and pineapple and drinks like wine, tea and coffee.

The easiest way to determine whether to avoid a certain food is by asking yourself this simple question – would this stain a white t-shirt? If the answer is yes, it should be off-limits for a short period following your dental whitening treatment.

Will dental whitening treatment remove stains?

Professional teeth whitening can successfully remove surface stains. When it comes to internal tooth discolouration, you might think saving money by purchasing over-the-counter whitening kits is an efficient method. However, a professional dental whitening treatment is the only way to effectively remove internal staining.


Is teeth whitening safe?

Though it might seem dangerous to apply peroxide directly onto your teeth, dentists have been providing safe and effective dental whitening treatments for decades. Teeth whitening is an extremely safe procedure and very rarely causes side effects.

Any side effects which do occur are temporary and incredibly mild. These can include short-term teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Which teeth whitening method is best?

The best teeth whitening option for you will differ depending on your specific desires. Currently, at Smil, our favourite dental whitening treatment option is Boutique Whitening™. To find out more about this specific treatment option, please get in touch. Call us on 01634 756 536 and speak to one of our experienced team members today.

Is teeth whitening painful?

If performed by a professional teeth whitening dentist, the procedure should never hurt.

Which type of toothpaste should I use?

In order to keep your teeth glistening after a dental whitening treatment, it’s important that you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis. 

Wait until at least a week after treatment to use a whitening toothpaste to avoid causing increased sensitivity straight after the procedure. Using a whitening toothpaste will ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer after investing in a professional teeth whitening service.

What can I do to make my teeth look whiter?

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, we recommend enquiring about our trusted teeth whitening services. One of our dentists will be happy to discuss the treatment options available to you, from at-home treatment plans to in-person consultations. Get in touch today to find out more.


Leanne – Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some work on my teeth. As an anxious patient, I felt at ease the whole way through. At every appointment, I was well taken care of and it didn’t feel rushed at all. Every member of staff, from the dentist to the nurse to the receptionist, was kind, courteous and polite. I would definitely recommend SMIL to others.”

RyanSmil is an outstanding practice, offering great quality treatment at very affordable prices. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere made the whole time whilst there enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone.”

Zoe – Smil provides a fresh, clean, modern & calming environment. From the moment I stepped through the door, I was made to feel at ease & welcomed. The dentist himself is amazing! He listened to all of my concerns/worries & went out of his way to make me feel comfortable & explained everything fully. No pushy sales techniques, just a genuine, honest Dentist that is there for his patients. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Aftercare tips

  • Avoid coloured, acidic foods 
  • Avoid dyed beverages like wine, coffee and tea
  • Opt for foods that are light in colour, like chicken, fish, pasta and rice
  • Avoid eating extremely hot or cold meals 
  • Brush your teeth after meals
  • Maintain good dental hygiene

Why choose Smil for your dental whitening treatment?

At Smil, our dental whitening treatments are a fast, safe and effective way to achieve the perfect smile. By lightening the teeth and removing stains and discolouration, our professional teeth whitening services aim to boost your confidence and leave you beaming from ear to ear!

Also, our teeth whitening dentists have hand-picked our suppliers to ensure the best whitening results, so you can rest assured that your smile is in safe hands.

For more information regarding the teeth whitening services we offer in Kent, or if you would like to book an appointment with one of our teeth whitening dentists, get in touch today!
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