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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is generally any treatment in the mouth or oral spaces that do not fall under the usual General Dentistry umbrella.

General dentistry tends to keep within the remit of visible tooth structure. In contrast, oral surgery is for more complicated treatments and extractions that involve treating bone structure.

As always, any treatment provided is comfortable and completed under local anaesthetic so that you will be numb.

What types of Oral Surgery do you carry out?

The most common is wisdom tooth removal. Most wisdom teeth come through without any problems. Still, occasionally they cause repeated pain and severe swelling and must be removed. Sometimes wisdom teeth are not ideally positioned to be removed easily. An oral surgeon will do this as a precaution.

We can also perform advanced root treatments such as apicectomies. The tip of a root is removed and retro-filled to halt recurring infections. We can also provide treatment to soft tissues, such a cyst removal.

Our commitment to your care means we will refer elsewhere for oral surgery if we feel it is appropriate and safer to do so. Any referrals will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

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